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Unlike any other broadcasts, Offended America is a listener supported production. This means the listeners contribute to the show both financially and through volunteerism. If you feel you are getting value from this show, please help us by becoming a supporter and passing the word that Offended Americ is the best podcast for deconstructing American politics and culture.We count on you, to make this work.

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Donors of $200 or more will automatically become an Associate Executive Producer. All donations over $333 become an Executive Producer. Anyone contributing $200 or more automatically gets the Associate Executive Producer title. This is listed on the show notes as Executive Producer and Associate Executive Producer and is a genuine credit that we will vouch for. Executive producers are generally responsible for the financing of a project and this is a legitimate and real credit for your bio. These credits look great on your email sig line too!

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Producers and listeners who donate $1000 in any way are granted an exclusive title as a member of our Executive Cabinet. You get to name your specific title “Secretary of ________.” Click here to become a cabinet member.

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With this 20 month program you can obtain your cabinet member designation with a monthly $50 donation for 20 months. Click here for that.